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Feminine wines

Quality wines from Hercegkút

Discover the secret treasures of Tokaj-Hegyalja

Taste the wines of Hercegkút known by few but considered real treasures in the world of wines! With their unique taste, quality ingredients and presentation of the traditions of wine culture, they are guaranteed to impress you.

Taste the wines of Hercegkút!

Don't miss this chance to be a part of this authentic experience!

Producer association

With 41 members, 32 producers and 4 wineries, we provide decades of professional experience

Feminine, light and fresh wines

We offer our light, fresh and primarily sweet wines under our floral, sensual labels.

Quality winemaking

Whether you intend for it to be a gift or surprise yourself with it, you’ll be guaranteed to be satisfied with the quality of the wines from Hercegkút!

World heritage cellar line

The most famous buildings of our settlement are the Gombos-hegy and Kőporos cellars.

About the name Trautson

Trautson Pince Kft. was established with the purpose of building a brand ensuring uniform appearance and performance, by uniting the grape and wine producers of the village of Hercegkút, located in the wine region of the Tokaj Mountains. With the strength of cooperation and unity, this brand can appear more effectively on the world market with a unified approach, thus facilitating the access of grape and wine producers to the market, the safe sale and purchase of the produced grapes.

Of the company's 41 members, 32 agricultural producers, including 4 small wineries, have decades of professional experience and background in grape production and the production of quality Tokaj wines.

With the name of our company, we remember Prince Trautson, who founded our settlement by inviting Swabian settlers in the 1750s, and the old name of our settlement - Trautsondorf.

Try our wines!

Our wineries

Our company consists of 41 members, including 32 agricultural producers and 4 small wineries. We proudly present our most renowned and famous wineries, including Götz Winery, Hutka Wine Factory, Tokaj Herceg, Naár Family Winery and Espák Winery.

We believe that all wine lovers will appreciate the diversity of our selection and the excellent work of the wineries. Let yourself be a part of the wonderful landscape of Tokaj-Hegyalja and the commitment of the winemakers, while you discover the special world of women's wines.

Try our wines!

Life is like good wine. When you open this bottle, the first sip already takes you back in time, giving you the feeling like you're back with your girlfriends where you left off conversation last time. Each sip opens a new chapter, imbued with emotions and memories. Enjoy this wine-filled moment and let the mood revive as you taste the sweet taste of wine.

I want to try this feeling

Our wines


If you have any further questions

How long does the delivery take?

Our online store fulfills orders exclusively with delivery to a courier service address (GLS), for final consumers (individuals) within the Europian Union.

Our shipping rates:

- Order value between HUF 0-30,000, the delivery fee is HUF 2,000 gross.
- Delivery is free for orders over HUF 30,000.
- In case of delivery abroad - outside Hungary - the delivery fee is HUF 3,600 / EUR 9 / PLN 45
- In the case of cash on delivery orders, a gross HUF 300 / EUR 0.75 / PLN 3.75 cash on delivery fee is added to the value of the order.

Delivery time:

In the case of products in stock, 2-3 working days from the confirmation of the order, 5 working days outside Hungary. In case the product is not in stock, 10 working days.

How can I pay for the order?

In our online store, you can buy by cash on delivery, bank card or online payment method (PayPal).

When paying by bank card, you can pay in the following currencies:
Barion EUR, HUF
Saferpay – SIX Payments Services PLN, EUR, HUF

Alcoholic products purchased in our online store cannot be resold! In case of purchase for further sale, please contact our company!

What is the guarantee for the quality of the wines?

Tokaj wines themselves have to meet strict conditions before they can be put on the market (Tokaj Wine Appraisal Committee, NÉBIH license), but for us, the main guarantee is the feedback of our customers and cellar visitors. In our webshop, our wineries present their most successful wines, which our visitors also like, and we offer them.

To which addresses can I order the package?

You can order packages to any address in the European Union where deliveries are being made by courier service. In case of paying with bank card, you can even send it as a gift to a friend or acquaintance!

How is the purchase made?

Put the selected product(s) in the basket, enter the delivery address, then enter the cash on delivery payment method or pay for the products with a bank card or PayPal and you can receive your package within a few days!